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Legacy Vanner Manor

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Welcome to Legacy Vanners, a small horse farm in southern Virginia dedicated to this fabulous breed.

We breed a handful of babies each year to be offered for sale. It is our goal to produce horses of outstanding conformation, exceptional temperament, as well as tons of hair. It is a real pleasure to work with these beautiful horses!

They have such wonderful temperaments and are very willing to please which makes day to day working with them so much fun. You never have to “catch” a Vanner in the pasture…as soon as they see you coming they are at the gate waiting for you. New things are easily introduced and accepted without a lot of fuss. Load noises or scary pieces of equipment are never a problem for them. They take everything in stride.

All of our babies are well handled from birth. We make sure they are introduced to the clippers, the trailer, as well as being touched all over. They just love attention!

All of our babies are registered with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society and are DNA tested to verify their lineage. Our horses carry the very best genetics you can find and this is why they consistently produce only quality babies. When you breed the best with the best you will consistently get the very best. We are committed to maintaining the quality of this rare and amazing breed. We are looking for the total package, not just a horse with plenty of hair, but a horse with great conformation and temperament.

We also offer a wide range of clinics to include classes for dressage and jumping. We offer classes for the beginner and the experienced rider. Our trainers are all well skilled and dedicated to helping each rider on an individual basis.

We offer classes to help the beginner rider and/or horse enter the show ring well prepared. Classes are offered in all disciplines.

Our facility includes an indoor arena, so classes will be held rain or shine. Come join in the fun. Call Kathy at 813-245-6520 for more information